The illegals are getting dropped off all over the country. DeSantis takes a page out of Greg Abbott’s book and sends 2 planes to Marth’s Vineyard. They are trying to keep this quiet. The plane flew from San Antonio to FL then to Mass. What we don’t spend enough time doing is asking the question, Where are they? They have the mayor of Chicago and mayor of NY are exploding now sending the illegals to their cities. You think they aren’t in GA. Why isn’t there any media highlight of how many in GA and where are they going. The government isn’t telling the people where the illegals are going. Rumors are that there are 2 buses coming today. Some have been sent to Kamala’s neighborhood. They are sleeping in the streets in El Paso.

Inflation is hitting dem run cities hardest. Phoenix is rising to 13%, Atlanta is 11.7% rise and Tampa increases to 11.2%. This is why they don’t want to debate. They don’t want the side-by-side and questions about inflation that they can’t answer. Kelly in AZ can’t stand on the stage that the Inflation Reduction Act that he voted for isn’t doing anything for AZ.

Rand Paul GOTCHA moment as he plays a 2004 Fauci video about natural immunity. Anthony Fauci should be incarcerated. Democrats have doctors and nurses doing commercials on abortions. While there are respected doctors across this country saying they are treating more side effects from covid vaccine than from the virus itself. We can’t go backwards when it comes to vaccines in this country. There are several things we have eradicated or have under control due to the vaccines. What Anthony Fauci has done in America he has reversed the confidence level of vaccines in this country. And calling the COVID shot a vaccine and pushing it on our children calling it a vaccine, it has pushed us so far back.

Kamala Harris is talking about climate change and the crisis. The administration is investing $370B for climate change along with other money stolen from the taxpayer. Joe Biden on day one nixed the XL pipeline. John Podesta, who is in charge of the $370B, has ties to dem mega swiss donor quietly becomes an influential force in putting democrats back in the White House with hard to trace money.

On the View, Stacey Abrams says that she has never denied losing the election.

What are they trying to change the subject too. We have done a good job everyday covering what needs to be focused on to stay on track to win in November. Bennie Thompson has secret service evidence to determine if Donald Trump grabbed the steering wheel. New details in the doj investigation of jeffrey clark. The walls are closing in. everyday it seems like something is piling on. Trump went to his golf course outside of DC and the speculation ran rampant as he had a meeting at the golf course. Let’s see what happens in OH on Saturday. They want to talk about abortion. Remember that Biden saved you from the railroad strike. Putin and XI are going to meet face to face in Uzbekistan. They want you to believe everyday they are running that Ukraine is running the tables on Putin. Russia finds a partner with Saudi Arabia. The Saudis quietly put 600M into Russia. While Biden is over there kissing the king begging for oil, they are trading with Russia. Saudi Arabia doubles imports from Russia to free up the Saudi oil to sell to others. Biden may buy oil just below $80/barrell while Trump was bashed for wanting to fill the reserves at $24/barrel. Mark Meadows to comply with the Jan 6 subpoena. The Number of lawmakers in congress over 70 years old is up to 23%.