Today we highlighted what voters are concerned with in the November election.
We can’t have the mainstream media to overshow the real issues that are on the ballot. How the people of America can’t absorb the inflation.

The day after the election: will democrats accept the results, when the results come in and they are certified, BKP will hold republicans accountable. Not all is forgiven.

Fetterman will debate Dr. Oz late October. BKP believes he will back out at the last minute. Late October to try to get as many in early voting as they can before Fetterman takes the stage and the voter wants to take their vote back. They want early voting absentee ballots and independents. They know that republicans are election day voters. They don’t want anyone changing their mind. Why won’t Fetterman debate Oz before early voting starts?

Biden and his son Hunter, Biden said on 60 minutes that Hunter has not caused any conflict for the US with his foreign business deals and praises him for overcoming addiction. Hunter Biden is caught up in a federal investigation on his foreign dealings. 30 Senate republicans demand special counsel for Hunter Biden criminal probe after FBI whistleblower.

Gavin Newsom will run for president in 2024. We know Joe is bowing out. Remember when Joe was out of town and Gavin showed up at the White House.

This is what they think is important to voters: the Top Secret Documents in Mar-a-Lago.