Oct 3, BKP will make his predictions of what the outcome will be in the November 8 election. It will be before any vote starts.

In Hartwell, the entire republican ticket was there on Saturday.

Democrat text message. There is desperation in the democrat camp. It is doubtful that they will break away from their talking points. Apparently the republican talking points are inflation and border. The democrats are so out of touch with what is happening in America.

MSNBC migrant border crossings hit record high. Why is MSNBC carrying the republican talking points?

Democrats are in disarray and are in big trouble. Stacey Abrams cannot fill an auditorium. Democrats have no energy and enthusiasm.

The AJC poll gives the GOP the edge in most races with a bleak picture for the democrats in November. WE explained what happened in KS, it was never a concern. The special election in NY was the bellwether election. It was to be this big indicator on how the election was to go in November. But the truth is the Republican candidate ran so far away from Donald Trump that Trump supporters didn’t come out to vote for him. We haven’t hit the winning line. We will probably have a photo finish on many races. The poll of likely voters showed Walker and Warnock within the margin of error, Kemp over Abrams by 8, If Warnock and Walker go to a runoff, if this makes 51 in a runoff that will be a race. This is a couple of polls that Kemp has hit the 50% mark.

Abrams and Warnock will not show up to campaign again. Abrams doesn’t have any following. Kemp is a democrat as he needs to be and moderate as he needs to be. Kemp has made democrats happy. Kemp has made the moderate, i.e. chamber of commerce, happy. IF you like Joe Biden’s America, you will love Stacey Abrams GA. this weekend the topics were abortion, voter suppression, gun violence, occassionally schools. Abrams has to have something up her sleeve. Even trying to get the black male vote, backing sports begging hoping that is a black male issue. Kemp is not begging republicans to come home, because we do know the Trump Kemp issue. Stacey Abrams is begging democrats to come home.

We have never lost faith in the senate candidate and the possibility that Herschel will win the Senate seat. Herschel Walker has the best commercial running right now, going over the divisive statements that are being made by the democrats. Herschel comes back saying that democrats are relating everything to race and racism. And that the people need to unite. Herschel is doing fine and will do fine. If there is a debate, Herschel will win the debate. The number one thing that Herschel has going for him is it’s college football season. Herschel is a very kind man.

51% of GA voters want Republicans to win control of congress and 70% say the country is on the wrong track. 37% approve of BIden’s performance, while Biden’s approval is rebounding in some battleground states, GA remains underwater, according to AJC polls.

Down ballot: Burt Jones led Charlie Bailey by 10, and Raffensperger over Nguyen by 19 and Carr over Jordan by 10.

Are democrats that far out of touch that they don’t catch on?