Puerto Rico 90% are out of power because of the hurricane. Is Biden on his way to Puerto Rico? In Jackson MS, a city of 150K people and 120K black. Joe Biden didn’t go visit with the citizens lacking drinking water.

They want you to believe that Aemricas are interested in. House eyes vote on new bipartisan bill to prevent another Jan 6 from happening. If there is a bill on the floor to keep Jan 6 from happening, so you’re telling me that Mike Pence had different options. The presidential election reform act: specifies vice president’s role in counting votes, raises threshold for objecting to electors, forces states to certify only lawful winners, bars states from changing rules after an election. WE have been told that Pence could not do anything different. How do you determine Lawful Winners? Why is the word lawful in front of that? The amount of times that our election officials were aware of the fraud in our elections in GA and they saying they had to certify the election then they could get into court. The democrats think the electoral count is your concern.

The real concerns Americans have:
The annual inflation rate – The democrat candidate Chrisitain said that the inflation has been absorbed into their daily life. And it is barely up according to Biden. A black voter that reports he got a modest raise last year but the cost of goods has taken the raise. The goods cost $460 more a month.

COVID – Biden says it’s over and CDC saying that Covid could remain as the top 3 causes of death and could have a winter surge. The White House had to walk back the Biden comments on COVID, like they did on the Taiwan/China Ware. They can’t let him take questions. If COVID is over let’s take the masks off our kids in federal head start classes. NYC fires teachers for not complying to vaccine mandates. Experts are alarmed about COVID vaccination rates among kids. It is a shot to curtail the symptoms of covid. It is not a vaccine. Covid the created crisis in america. Vaccinating kids is not necessary. Firing teachers is not necessary.

The Crazy – Levine opens Whorld Professional Associal for Transgender Health conference with activist manifesto. Levine moved his mother from a nursing home in PA before sending recovering covid patients into nursing homes. This is the man that is in charge of the health in your public schools. There is an explosion of kids coming home and announcing they are transgender because of what is going on in our schools. And the parents aren’t the dominant force in their homes. Schools and in their children’s lives.

Illegals crossing the border – Migrant border crossing hit record high. Where are they now? Maybe the democrats are missing the reports of the record numbers coming across and the criminals that are coming into the US, the report of the record number of deaths from fentanyl, the record number of deaths at the border, the citizens’ animals being killed at the border, the cartels running the border, how many buses are leaving the border and the amount of money that the cartels are making off the migrants. Maybe you’re missing the report. But Americans are not and they will show up to vote and it is not because of the classified documents in Mar-a-Lago.