A republican standard. We wanted to see VA go red and Glenn Youngkin was able to make that happen. Lets not forget what catapulted him to the Governor’s office. Remember Loudin county schools. There are people out there that think the parents that went to school board meetings to push back on what they are teaching the children as Jan 6 insurrectionists. Lets not forget what issues truly catapulted Glenn Youngkin into office. The issues that rallied the voters of VA to come out for him. Glenn Youngkin is coming to town to campaign for Brian Kemp. What and see how many come in to campaign with Kemp until the election.

Lets ask Little Stacey and the democrats a question, while the media reports daily that Joe Biden’s approval rating is moving north, where is Stacey Abrams firepower? There are 48 days to the election, maybe she has plans? Where are your supporting democrat leaders? The first 150-175 people at these events are the choir, the volunteers, friends, family and the like. The picture from Sunday at the Stacey Abrams event only drawing 175 people is the picture of America. Remember Stacey has more money than any other gubernatorial candidate across this county, no one has the money to work with in America. This woman Stacey Abrams is the democrat poster child in the United States of America for the lack of democrat enthusiasm. They are begging you to change your mind. The media is begging you to not concern yourself with the inflation, the border. They are begging you to thinking about abortion and put this on the ballot. Why isn’t John Osoff on the campaign trail? Is there not a democrat that will come campaign with you? Maybe my friend in Florida can send you a couple of bus loads of the migrants and you can take some pictures hugging them and loving them and you can take to your events as sit fillers.

It looks as though republicans will take all the constitutional seats in GA. But don’t get too comfortable. Burt Jones widens the lead in Lt Gov race in GA.

Remember the advice to Herschel Walker campaign, during the event Herschel needs to look over at Warnock saying, “You sure can talk, you are one smooth talker” But what action will Warnock do, as Atlanta has the second highest inflation rate in the country, only slightly behind Phoenix. They need someone that will get the deal done.

The concern with McConnell coming to fundraise for Herschel Walker and Blake Masters, did they have to strike a deal with Mitch to have him campaign?

Be careful of the republican comfort across the country and stay focus and continue to campaign to get the message out and remember what got the voters out in VA as Glenn Youngkin comes to GA.