This is one of those stories that has to be at the top of the list. Our children have to be on the top. The mutilation and what they are doing to our children has to be our top priority. It can’t be behind the documents. If you want to turn this country around it can be done in 18 years. We have to take back our schools. We can’t graduate the kids out of high school or college and then start turning the boat. There are so many studies that by 3 years old the kids have developed their personalities. Then you think we can take them and mold them after high school and college.

Matt Walsh with the Daily Wire, go find Matt Walsh is doing amazing work uncovering the mutilation and what is happening to our children across this country.
World Professional Assoaiation for Transgender Health, Richard Levine was the keynote speaker, the assistant secretary of the US Department of Health Services. Marjorie Taylor Greene has introduced a bill, The Protect Children’s Innocence Act. Chloe Cole, 18-year old detransitioned woman, gives powerful testimony against gender affirming care at MTG White House Press Conference. This has to be top priority, what they are doing to our kids.

The gender clinics are huge money makers. Matt Walsh uncovers shocking details about Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s so called gender affirming care with apparent threats against medical professionals who object.

TN Gov Bill Lee calls for investigation of Vanderbilt’s Pediatric Transgender Clinic following Matt Walsh Revelation.

These transgender clinics have a transbuddy to make sure the clinic is using the correct pronoun and can be your friend. Gender affirming pubertal blockers are lowering the ages to 13 years of age. WPATH guidelines for surgery, 1 letter submitted of gender dysphoria, patient able to make decisions, if they have been on pubertal blockers they are able to do the surgery. Vanderbilt is doing the surgery on 13,14,16 year olds. Your children are being groomed. The doctors are scaring the parents, asking the parents rather have “a dead girl or a healthy boy.” Vanderbuilt follows WPATH guidelines and was the keynote speaker with an activist manifesto, a call to action, Richard Levine. Levine called on audiences to think of themselves as ambassadors for science and insisted on a proactive rather than passive approach to educating the masses. The masses are your children. This is the person in charge of your children’s health and services.

Thank you Matt Walsh and your work.