The democrats say the inflation has been absorbed by the people. The federal reserve is about to raise the interest rate and if that causes you to let someone go.
But this is what is important to the democrats and corporate corrupt media. Volunteer pilots fly idaho patients seeking abortion care.

Democrats are running so far away from the inflation because they are the ones that caused it. Bare essentials jumped 13.5% year over year, causing a strain on working families. ⅔ of voters say their incomes are falling behind the cost of living and grocery bills. The economy is the top priority in the midterms. It’s the economy stupid.

They will tell so many lies on how inflation is turning. If inflation hits that plateau and just ticks down an inch. Pickles will still be $5. If the jar goes to %4.98 it will still be $5. No matter what the media tries to do between now and the election, the pickles will be $5.

After the pandemic and the stolen election, Trump said the economy will be a V. it will shoot straight back up. Trump knew it would fire back up when everything opened up. Trump was ready with all the right business people into the White House. His team was ready to handle this. And you see what Biden has done.

Fetterman Alert: Dr. Oz running against the current Lt. Gov in PA, Fetterman. John Fetterman is the worst opponent in the US. he wants to legalize drugs, talking about opiates, wanting to have safe injection spaces (seeing what happened with San Fran), and empty the prisons. He is on the parole board releasing criminals. Republican circles say the debate may or may not happen. Fetterman wants it in late October saying his recovery will be better then. But in reality he wants early voting well on its way and almost finished before he debates because he doesn’t want moderates to look at him on the stage to change their mind. If he debates it will be a landslide. If Fetterman has a suit on he has a horse collar or he is in a sweatshirt with the hoodie propped up. What is with the growth on the back of his neck?