We are in big trouble with Joe Biden as Commander in Chief, knowing he has dementia and talking about Taiwan and China. The drugs that he has to stay on to stay lucid, his eyes are black. Who is in the driver’s seat? KJP says that Biden didn’t mean to say that COVID is over and blames it on being distracted by the cars at the Detroit Car Show.

Biden says he is committed to One China policy at a UN speech just days after answering yes when asked whether US forces would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion. No one cares what the UN says. They don’t care to get their dues. Russia and China still have veto power on the UN security council if there is ever a resolution. They didn’t kick Russia out of the UN. We have always had a One China Policy, where we don’t get involved. Biden said the other night that he is ready to go to war with China to defend Taiwan. They had to walk the statement back.