Lititia James is referring Donald Trump to the IRS and referring him for a criminal investigation but this is a civil suit.

Inflation is not going to be temporary. Inflation is going to be a major problem. They are starting to talk about layoffs. Companies are cutting back. Home building is slowing down drastically. Car sales are slowing down. We are hitting the 60 day stretch to Christmas. Wait until Christmas. The large purchases are going to slow down. Companies are pulling back a little bit.

How a fed rate hike will affect your family. Credit cards and auto loans will be more expensive. Think about all the years during Trump’s presidency and the credit companies had major ad campaigns. And companies that were ready to expand and needed a little extra capital. Those cards are not zero percent. Every small business that uses the cards for operating capital will be paying for it in an enormous way. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell warns it will be very challenging to tame inflation without steep job losses as interest rates go to 3.5% highest since 2008. Layoff shutdowns hit mortgage industries, the underwriters and employees of the mortgage industry will be hit hard. Home sales from in August 20% year over year and .4% in July, for the seventh month in a row.

The lowest rung on the economic ladder is hurting so bad. When have you heard the media talk about the increases in food stamps? There have been cost of living raises in social security. Is Inflation affecting the food stamps and how much is going out. There is so much that we don’t talk about and it isn’t discussed. Is the national debt at a fixed rate, because we never talk about it? Does the interest rate going up affect the national debt interest rate? Contact BKP if you have the answers.

The wage increases that the democrats are touting about have been eaten up by inflation. The stimulus checks have been paid back. The raises and stimulus checks are long forgotten and paying for it. But democrats think you have absorbed it.

Stock market went down 500 points yesterday. The Feds are going to announce another rate increase.

These politicians have never been concerned with living on a budget. Biden was sworn into office in the 70s. Majority of the members of congress don’t understand living on a budget, had to keep track of what was being spent in the grocery store with the calculator out, or had to put something back because there wasn’t enough money. Joe Biden has never experienced living on a budget and has no understanding of what America is going through.