The media is begging you to look at Donald Trump. Trump had a bad day yesterday. Lititia James, the Jan 6 committee, the deep state media, if you are Ultra Maga they want to put a stop to you and I. Many in the republican party treat this election as a college game day tailgate party. If republicans in GA win is all forgotten? Will 2020 even be in the history books, the election? There are many that will not accept the 2020 election is in the books and to move on.

There is record tax revenue coming in the state and in the county. The federal government is setting records of tax revenue. But the tax revenue is all printed money. And the tax revenue is the base which is the government. There isn’t any more 100% private sector tax revenue.

They want you to believe that Trump had a bad day. If republicans win in GA will all be forgotten.

Trump’s legal issues. There is something that Lititia James, NY AG said yesterday that prompted the opening statement. “Claiming money you don’t have.” She was talking about Donald Trump, claiming that Trump inflated the values so he could borrow more money. What is the county and state doing with our property taxes? The state sells bonds every year. The state has to value itself every year to buy bonds on the promise of payment. The state borrows against the assets against the value it claims to have. The media is begging you to look at Trump. They don’t consider you and I the American people, they consider you a movement. It is the financial institution to verify the information for the loan and send out assessors. Is Lititia James saying that on the loan file there’s no appraisals? When they passed a law putting 87K IRS out there and telling you that there are trillions of dollars people cheat on their taxes. They are coming after you. Trump has lived and worked his entire life. He has employed so many people. And when NYC was deteriorating Trump provided hundreds of good paying jobs.

If you do anything with the government today you are interacting with organized crime. They are the criminals. They are the corruption.

Vanderbilt pediatric transgender clinic nukes website after Matt Walsh expsoed the Big Money maker motive. Hats off to Matt Walsh. We did the story yesterday.

Joe couldn’t find his way around again yesterday.