How come people aren’t talking about the people that are dying at the border. Exceeding last year’s total. Joe Biden April of last year saying the border is under control. Yet we have historic numbers of illegals and deaths at the border this year. Democrats coming out saying they can fill our workforce. Fentanyl, no problem. Cartels, no problem. Cartels running the border.

Now Congress wants to investigate Ron DeSantis Martha’s Vineyard flight. Benny Thompson wants to open an investigation to Ron DeSantis for human trafficking. Maybe Bennie Thompson’s time would have been better spent addressing the water crisis in Jackson MS, where he is the Representative.

The Texas Sheriff reports that the illegals are coming over because the border is open.

Stacey Abrams wants to keep abortion on the ballot. Stacey Abrams says there is no such thing as a heartbeat at 6 weeks. A Recent AJC poll: Voters top issues. They want you to think that Threats to democracy is #2. The way they are framing the question, it is confusing. Republicans are concerned that our constitutional republic is a thing of the past. Guns, Crime, climate change, and abortion at the bottom of the poll. Abortion is only 5%. They are hoping that Guns, climate Change, and abortion are on the ballot.

Someone is following John Fetterman everyday and asking him if he will debate Dr. Oz. He will not acknowledge the media and won’t answer the question. You see how the hoodie is bunched up around his neck. They are very concerned about this Orge, hoodie bunched up around his neck or he wears a horse collar.

House Freedom caucus plots return to relevance. It is unknown if Kevin McCarthy is speaker of the House when republicans gain control of the House in November. Ultra Maga isn’t happy with his performance.

Pain at the pump is back. Gas isn’t dropping. They have leveled out with the national average at $3.68

James Comey ex-FBI Director announces to write 2 crime thriller novels.

NY AG refers the Trump family to federal prosecutors and the IRS. They are trying to destroy Trump. There is an indictment watch. The appeals court gave the green light to the DOJ to review the documents at Mar-a-Lago. Ginny Thomas, wife of Clarence Thomas, has agreed to talk to the Jan 6 committee.

If Pence could not do anything, if members of congress could not object to the electoral college count and Mike Pence did not have the authority to send it back to the states then why are these proposed amendments needed. Proposed changes: higher threshold to object, enforcing states vote-county (so the federal government telling the states how they can count the votes), and clarifying VP roles. If there is a need for these changes, could Pence have done something different.

After November 8 is all forgiven? If Brian Kemp is governor again, Burt Jones is Lt Gov, Brad Raffensperger is SOS and Chris Carr is AG and Richard Woods State Superintendent and John King Insurance Commissioner. I hear all the time that people will not reward Brian Kemp for treason. This isn’t Stacey Abrams anything. BKP gets numerous texts saying that they can not reward Brian Kemp for treason.

Go look this story up. Outraged as liberal 41 years old AND motorist is freed from jail on $50K bond after plowing down a republican teenager during a political argument. Fatally striking 18 year old following a political argument. A liberal wako ran the kid over. If this had been a turn of events. Wonder if this is the Ultra Liberal we have to cleanse this country of.