Biden couldn’t find his way off the stage, The rest of the world knows we don’t have a leader. We have this person that can’t get off the stage saying our troops will go to defend Taiwan.

The Queen’s funeral was impressive and it was done with a military procession. It was a Christian celebration. She was the monarch for 70 years, the longest reign in modern times. Bruce was in England last week and brought back his experiences and the reaction of the people. Will King Charles step down?

The panel gives their thoughts on the economy, inflation and what will be the results on the interest rate hikes. From a positive point of view, the generation from the 70s have lived through it and are still here. Habits will have to change. We will have to get through these next few years which will be tough. And the supply chain is suffering as well.

The interest rates are affecting the support level on the S&P is 3500 3412 and it could go through it. Goldman is saying 3150. What that means is the S&P that it would go to 4400 and possibly 4800 and as it goes through the support levels it takes down the rest of the market. Would it be prudent to sell stocks? And the interest rates on a 2 year t-bill is 4%. If you do the math and figure out the 4% interest rate, could you live on that based on what you have?

Jerome Powell came out saying the economy is causing a real struggle to the real people. BKP is running stories everyday of ordinary people and their true struggles at the grocery store. We know when we come out of the grocery store how it is affecting it and no matter what the fancy numbers are saying we know.

If the house goes Republican, do you think it will have a more positive impact on the market? The commitment to America that the republicans have put forth. They will focus on economy, safety, individual freedom, and government accountability.

In 2004 our national debt was 33% of our GDP and now it is 100%.

Republicans are telling us what they are standing for and they have to follow through with the issues. The democrats are out of touch with ordinary people. The democrats want you to think that the right to have an abortion is the most important thing on the ballot. Not that people can’t pay their credit card bills or are afraid to go down the street. When abortion is legal and should be a state right.

We are getting lied to on a regular basis. Why doesn’t anyone fact check Muffin, KJP. People need to keep asking the question.