We are in a recession. We are Election Denalist, we suffer from election denialism. We’ve watched Trump say the stock market will crash.

We have to prepare for the cold winter, an article from Google. Employees shouldn’t equate fun with money. We have lost a whole generation of workers. We will see the children of this country having to work again. Employees of Google complained as Google restricts benefits for travel and entertainment. Big Money will take care of itself. Little money will cause you to go broke. If Google is saying it is time we all pull together. If you don’t think companies aren’t sitting down having meetings to figure out how to emerge out of this economy.

I hope that I am wrong. #1 They are going to keep things propped up until Christmas. They are going to try to keep the banks from calling you. They will try to keep the false economy floating until after christmas. The economy after that Year 2023. You will see the announcement like you would not believe. #2 the most dangerous place we can be regardless of who wins the election. BKP believes the republicans will win the house and senate. Nov 9 to Jan, the 2 month span is dangerous. Where so many republicans won’t see an election for 6 more years. They can vote for anything and do it. Some have six years and some don’t care and they can vote anyway they feel.

This is an illusion. State of GA ran nearly a $6.6 billion tax surplus in fiscal 2022. This is not real money, we printed. We printed it by the trillions and trillions of dollars. We have inflation that is enormous. That 6.6 billion is 4.8 billion worth of stuff, it is money that was printed and circulated through a system that was created. Brian Kemp knew the money was out there and if everything stayed open. You do realize that the box stores were called essentials. Walmart did not close, neither did home depot, lowes. Kemp is campaigning on how he brought business back to GA.

If you paid over MSRP for a vehicle. You have to think about how we got here in the car industry. Taiwan holds the world’s chips, the smart chips we need for vehicles. All of a sudden there is a move from China onto Taiwan. The next thing we know we don’t have enough chips during the pandemic. Wonder if, back when the pandemic happened, someone said that isn’t the perfect timing to introduce people into the EV world. As inventory declines and can’t get new vehicles. Can’t find on the internet the 30K people laid off because of the inventory. Now the inventory is growing a little bit. And now the interest rates have gotten so high. The interest rates have gotten so high that it has wiped out all the raises. Battery plants are beginning to be built. If you want a car you might be forced into an electric vehicle. Butteigeg explaines to Texasan they should buy electric vehicles. Supply down, inventory down, interest rates up, battery plants being built and the transition right before your eyes. Do electric vehicles need a chip?

Every GOP in America should stand at the door and ask one question if not answered correctly they should be turned away.