KJP says there should be a conversation about the Atlanta Braves changing their name. Democrats are so desperate they don’t want to hear about crime, inflation, interest rates going up.

Dow falls into bear market as dollar surges. Wiping out every single gain you had while Biden has been in office. Fed official warns UK tax cuts increase risk of global recession. They want to cut taxes and increase spending in Europe. Winter is coming as families have to brace for large heating bills, as prices increase 17.2%. Home sales cancellation rates surge in the Sun Belt, approximately 15.2% of home purchase contracts were canceled.

Goldman Sachs fires bankers at all levels after dishing out bonuses and hiking pay. This is happening all over.

Biden’s student debt forgiveness will cost taxpayers $400 billions over 10 year. Debt forgiveness can only shift, it cannot get erased. If money is owned it is owed, you can’t borrow the money on Monday and say it doesn’t exist on Wednesday, someone loses the money. The debt shifted somewhere.

CA will ban all new gas fueled furnaces and heaters by 2030 to cut ozone levels. All new buildings will be constructed with electrical services. Have they put all the money they need into the electric grid to service all these electrical needs. They just got through with the electric company sending out emails to homeowners to adjust their thermostat at 78 during hot summer days.