IF you are in the US air force they will encourage you to use gender neutral language and avoid using mom and dad when you write home.

Where’s Raphael? How can we find Raphael? WE can find John Fetterman, Stacey Abrams, Herschel is everywhere, Brian Kemp is out. But We can’t find Raphael anywhere. Please share if you see any event. The joke of the day is that CA has 3 US Senators with one of them being Raphael.

Democrats are so desperate. They want you to believe that Roger Stone was going to overthrow the government. Tomorrow is the final hearing of the Jan 6 committee and they are going to play the audio of Roger Stone Documentary.

Last Night, Herschel Walker was at an event. The video is on our Voice of Rural America Facebook page. It was put on by EnoughGA and Surrea Ivey. Also in attendance was Burgess Owens UT-4 and Byron Donalds from FL-19. BKP got to meet Alveda King.

They are freaking out about the election of Meloni’s win in Italy, a far right wing candidate. They are worried about the coalition with Ukraine. The US Congress has agreed to send $12 Billion more in Ukraine aid bringing the total spending to $66 billion. While you are making adjustments in your life Congress is sending more money.

KJP says there should be a conversation about the Atlanta Braves changing their name after Biden celebrated their World Series title at the White House.