The Chair of the Center of the American Dream and the American First Policy Institute, Dr. Alveda C. King.

Warnock on Abortion, even God gave us a choice. The pastor needs to change his Bible to the Holy Bible or reread the Bible. There is an article on where Herschel Walker answers the hard questions.

Herschel made a point to Warnock. He repented and got help. He and his first wife and her husband and his wife have outings and family events. Does Warnock know about redemption? Herschel has repented and he has been forgiven and he has a healthy relationship with his first wife.

Abrams said that the heartbeat is a manufactured sound at 6 weeks to take rights away from women. The woman has a choice to do what she wants to do with her body but not the baby’s body. It is a known fact that a woman can only get pregnant for 5 days in a month. Abrams is going against God and science with that statement.

Are we as divided in this country as the media and the democrats want to lead us to be or are they trying to create these divisions? I am a mother and grandmother that wants the country to be safe. I serve God first. I believe it will be very important whether he intends to or not but we need to come together in unity. It is unfortunate that Biden decided to say what he did about MAGA republicans. It was hurtful.

It is horrible what we are doing to our children. Everybody prays and trusts in God. Pray for life from the womb to the tomb.