The news of the week is the hurricane making landfall in Florida. What the media has already done with it. It is a manmade disaster, they have put up all the studies showing how the hurricanes are becoming stronger due to climate change. The media is getting upset because DeSantis is not bowing down to the climate change god. The number of hurricanes over the 50-75 years, and nothing has changed. But when there is damage it’s a money thing. What’s unreal is the damage in Fort Myers, not the strength of the hurricane and the climate. The whole landscape of Florida is going to completely change, the barrier islands may be beyond repair. The media will weaponize this. It was an answer to a prayer to get things off the front page like crime, inflation, the price of gas. CNN was doing a couple of reports on crime and economy so now that has come off the front page.

The Italian PM makes you want to learn Italian to understand what she says. Her speech this week was unbelievable. Saying we aren’t going for the woke stuff. She is the explosion about what is about to come over there.

The new PM in the UK is saying we will cut taxes and raise spending and has spun them out of control and the Rothchild’s bailed them out. Why is this of any interest to us in the US. They were hopeful that she would be Reagan-like. Oftentimes when the taxes are reduced revenues go up. They had complained that the bank of the UK hadn’t done enough.

There is a group of people that say the stock market has hit the bottom. Unknown of what will happen next. 6-7% mortgage rates, volume of housing has changed. The demand is changing due to the hurricane and prices will probably kick back up.

Seth Rich was the young DNC staffer that was a Bernie Sanders supporter was murdered, shot in the back not robbed, in a prestige community in DC. It was suspected that he had a flash drive that contained information on the DNC or the Hillary Clinton campaign. The courts have just ordered that everything is being released and it will be interesting to see if he is the one that sent the information to WikiLeaks. It will possibly open up the massive coverup and all the deaths surrounding the campaign.

GA politics. Warnock is supposedly leading in the polls. All this with Herschel Walker and his ex-wife is being shown as a nasty situation. There was an excellent interview yesterday with Dr. Alveda King and had the discussion about if women can vote for Herschel Walker. Stacey Abrams has failed to get traction. Rumors are that the democrats have an October surprise. The polls don’t reflect the newest registered voters and the MAGA crowd is not answering questions.

If Kemp gets reelected, are we in a better place? No one has the number identified that will never vote for Kemp again. How big is that number? Trump might come to GA around October 15. The question is if Trump comes to GA and says nothing about Brian Kemp, it might be a signal to Trump supporters saying it’s ok to vote for Trump. If he makes a few Stacey Abrams jokes that’s another ok for Trump. But if he goes on stage and makes a comment about Kemp, it’s bad news for the Kemp campaign.

Winners and Losers