The democrats want abortion on the ballot. They also need GA to be the 50 seat. Headlines: Herschel’s scandal threatens senate bid, Herschel’s ticking time bomb. They found Warnock for a comment on Herschel. Politico’s top stories are about Herschel.

There is a claim that Herschel reimbursed the woman for the abortion. But there isn’t a check from Herschel Walker to the abortion clinic. Maybe she called saying she couldn’t make the rent or the car payment. They want to take out Herschel Walker and this is a great story for them with Christian’s attacks. If he was so upset about Herschel’s bid then why not bring this up in the primary. It is very possible that the developments will happen until after the November election.

They keep reporting that he paid for her abortion not that he reimbursed her. Her identity is being kept for security and privacy. So they are going through more to protect this woman than a Supreme Justice. Don’t forget these are the same networks that brought you the news of other scandals that were falsely reported on Justice Kavanaugh and Donald Trump.

If the check says $XXX and matches a receipt made out to the abortion clinic. It’s unbelievable that people are concerned about this story without any proof. In America, you have a right to face your accuser. Herschel needs to demand to see who it is. This is the woman that sets off Christian Walker?

Something that can determine the balance of power. Where the democrats are spending trillions and trillion of dollars on the Green New Deal and they aren’t finished spending. They don’t want to tell you they have independently corroborated the story. Warnock is eating it up. Warnock collected $26M in the latest fundraising period. This is a CA Senator.

They went for the Never Trumpers The reason Donald Trump lost in GA according to Brian Kemp and Brad Raffensperger is because of the Never Trumpers wearing a mask pretending to be Trump supporters. Reporting that it wasn’t the story but the reaction of Christian Walker on social media. Walker being on the radar for months with him making statements about fatherless homes etc.

Brian Kemp and Burt Jones need to rally around Herschel Walker as teammates, a DAWG! You don’t leave a DAWG laying on the field. We are a team. We are GA Bulldogs.

We had the October Surprise, it was all an orchestrated move. It is a national move, good vs evil. The media will lose their shit if democrats lose congress. This is such a racist attack on Herschel Walker.

Christian Walker is not a conservative. If he was the conservative that he says he is he would bite his tongue and allow his father to get in office. If he has endured the madness for so long, why now?

They think Dr. OZ is going to win PA. They have gone around from AZ, NV, WI, OH, PA, NC, GA. They think they are tied. This is all designed to scare suburban republican white establishment never-trumper women.

The play is simple for 3 weeks. Herschel Walker is going to kill a woman, kill cops, and all orchestrated on emotion. The next thing they do is bring in the abortion because the white suburban woman aren’t necessarly pro choice but they don’t like the overturning of Roe v Wade so they want that abortion and Walker to be a hypocrite. Then close it up with the family violence and the son being hurt by dad.