Remember Joe went to Saudi Arabia to beg for oil. White House says it’s clear that OPEC is aligned with Putin after ignoring Biden’s pleas and cutting oil production by 2M barrels a day. Wasn’t Putin backed against the wall? Why would Saudi Arabia, Turkey, China and all these countries make deals with Russia if it was on the verge of collapsing? What is Joe’s next move? Aren’t we releasing a million gallons a day from strategic oil reserves. Oh we can make a deal with Venezuela. US to ease Venezuela sanctions. We are looking to cut a deal with these drug dealers. Biden eases sanctions on socialist venezuela and releases Maduro’s convicted narco trafficker nephews.

This rich white elite democrat got away with murder. Alec Baldwin settles lawsuit with family of cinematographer.

The guy that is in charge of Russian energy policy was sanctioned by the US on Friday 9/30, was at the OPEC meeting when they reduced oil production.

Joe Biden was caught on hot mic telling mayor of Ft Myers, ‘No one f***s with a Biden!’ Don’t think Europeans have any respect for the US, we are not the leader of the UN and NATO. With Taiwan, China, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Iran, Syria, North Korea, don’t you wish we were still in the “danger zone” the media lead us to believe with Trump in office.

Russia is not suffering quite like the media is reporting. While the US and Europeans are sending money to Zelenskyy as he reports Ukraine forces have liberated more villages from retreating Russian troops in Crimea. Zelenskyy is saying he is liberating the villages so you can send more money that can filter back to our politicians and leaders around the world. Putin is not afraid of Biden and Putin will defend the annexed regions. Gas prices go up, it’s a win for Putin.
No matter what happens they will always get you to believe that Russia has had some setbacks in the war.

Muffin said Biden’s trip to the middle east was not about oil. It was about national security and global security.