We are gonna be so tired of Winning. Win in WI, NV, AZ, MI (hope), OH, PA, NC, and bring it home to Dawg fans in GA. Operation Alan Keyes did not work.

The people of PA deserve to know the health and welfare of elected officials. They have to know about Fetterman. We know all too well how that works in GA with the fall of the republican party here in GA with the retirement of Johnny Issackson. Fetterman has the growth on his neck and we don’t know what it is. It looks like it can’t be removed because it is too close to his spine. But when he was mayor he pulled a loaded gun on a black man. His opponent in the primary Malcolm brought this out into the news and got away with the crime. He was not held accountable. Connor Lamb, his other primary opponent, tells everyone that Fetterman wants safe injection sites, just like in OR wanting meth stabilization centers in Portland.

Fentanyl bust in NYC hidden in Lego box ahead of Halloween. They look like candy and sidewalk chalk.