Democrats won’t debate because they don’t want to talk about inflation, the border, crime. Kelly made the decision to debate Masters in AZ. Warnock thinks he will spin Herschel around because he is a smooth talker.

They asked Katie Hobbs if she would campaign with Joe Biden, she denied. She will not debate Kari Lake.

Fetterman didn’t show up at a democrat debate. Fetterman didn’t show up for work for a third of his LT gov schedule.

The democrats don’t want to debate because they are in deep doo doo. Blake Masters lays it out in his debate with Kelly.

Not all seniors have made out as well as the next one. Many of our seniors are living off social security and the inflation is hurting them the most. Social Security COLA update coming this week. They have no choice because we are in a recession. It automatically kicks in a factor that social security goes up. It will not pay the difference. It will not go up 13%. But there isn’t any talk about how we are paying for the increase.

How many reports did you read that the republicans were pulling money from AZ because Masters was so extreme. This is not true.

Listen to Masters debate Kelly on crime, inflation, border, etc. Voters are by wide margins alarmed by high crime rates. Kelly had the one vote for the 18K border agents. When the democrats voted on the bill for the 87K IRS agents republicans tried to amend the bill to at border agents and it was rejected. Masters called out Kelly on the vote to reject the border agents. That works everywhere, in PA, GA, WI.

What did you get for your 50th vote? Inflation, Crime, Debt, Fentanyl, and on and on… Masters asks. Blake Masters has laid out October.