As long as you accept what they put out as normal you are led to believe you are free. As long as you accept the transition you are going through you are led to believe you are free. Just follow the rules.

The media is enjoying that the jury sent out a verdict that Alex Jones is ordered to pay $965 million in compensatory damages for the Sandy Hook event. Alex Jones originally said that Sandy Hook was false but later came out to say that it was real. The parents of the kids that were murdered file suit against Alex Jones. The jury said that this caused so much damage that he should pay a billion dollars.

The LA mayoral candidate says he isn’t white, he’s italian.

Think about what Alex Jones just went through. Alex Jones claims they are taking your freedom of speech. If this case goes through, your freedom of speech will be challenged. If the fake media gets the freedom of speech and uses the corrupt FBI and investigates honest americans. If they get to round us up by putting us in a database from social media. They get to do that. “Do you think we are sending a message to these people” – Joe Scarborough. Will you think twice now before saying something?

You can steal an election and get away with it. You can claim that Trump has ties to Russia with a fake dossier and get away with it. 50 former intelligence directors sign a letter saying that Hunter Biden laptop is phony. Call Mark Zuckerburg and tell him that there is Russian election disinformation that needs to be tamped out. You can investigate all the moms and dads that complain at the board of education meetings. You can integrate jan 6 participants and not integrate Ray Epps. If you comply, and think twice that you’re not gonna get away with it. Then you can be in their America. Perhaps it will cool things down to the people that could lose things financially. If you have something to lose will you push back or will you live free and die? Does the Alex Jones case stop you from posting something? The founding father never intended the first amendment so that the free press can be complicit in a crime. We need a free honest press in America. Just like you misread separation of church and state. When will justice be served in this country? It won’t until the republicans are elected in this country. And when they are in charge we will hold their feet to the fire.