Early voting starts today. Early voting was designed for cheating. Republicans will overwhelm democrats. There is desperation on the democrat side, and believe this is the most desperate the media has been in trying to push the democrat message.

Yesterday the Atlanta press club held several debates. MTG debating Marcus Flowers. It was a one hour commercial for Warnock. These debates are set up to take out conservatives.

Democrats will lose in districts all over the country that will be shocking and will be the big story come the day after the election. Moving forward with confidence that Republicans will take over the house and senate. Watch the shock and awe coming the democrats way. Democrats cannot get the abortion issue to stick. They have made every attempt to get it to stick. NYT abortion is at 5% in a recent poll. Democrats have been unsuccessful at making that the issue of the election. They have decided to discuss inflation and all they can do is hope that you can think that it is not the democrat’s fault. Every one of the democrats now says that inflation is a global inflation crisis. They are hoping you fall for that.

The expectations of Herschel’s debate expectations. They were surprised that Walker did ok. And Warnock didn’t issue any knockout blows. They were so upset that there wasn’t more discussion on the alleged abortion issue on Walker.

They are running around bumping into each other like clowns coming out of the car at the circus. Walker did an amazing job.

Warnock is evil with a nice smile. There is no such thing as a pro-choice pastor. He tried to use that Friday night. The Warnock campaign got the hell out of the venue as soon as it was over.

Two major statements by Walker during the debate. Democrats will not define any limitation on abortion. Warnock will not define any limitation, only come back and say there isn’t enough room for the doctor, the patient and the federal government. And they wanted to push Herschel on a national ban. The devastating blow to the Warnock campaign was so devastating that he couldn’t use the line. Walker comes back and say that Warnock forgets to mention that there is a baby in the room as well and having taxpayers paying for abortion puts government back in the room. There is a lot going on in that room and it is not just a campaign slogan.

Second line is when they talk about Warnocks church that pays 7400 a month and the newspaper article that the church is trying to evict people from the building the church owns. Walker saying “Don’t bear false witness” “Be careful” telling people you’re a pastor.

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