Warnock is a slumlord. They flipped the script on him. This morning there is a press conference in front of Columbia Towers. They tried to make this moving saying that Walker paid for this abortion and everytime Warnock was asked it played the calm cool guy trying to stay away from it. Knowing the evil corrupt side of his campaign probably participated. But what he didn’t anticipate is the article on the apartment complex. Wanrock like so throw the MLK church, and that he was John Lewis’ pastor and he is a pro-choice pastor. He doesn’t want it to grow that he gets $7400/month. The dems will talk about affordable housing. This guy is getting not only his salary as a senator but getting the money from the church. His income has exploded. That’s 88,800 a year and 177,600 in the 2 years as senators. This money is funneled through the church. People are sending money to the church. Churches are tax free. And this 7400 is tax free. 177,600 untaxed right to Warnock. Now you have people that are behind on the rent for $150 and are being evicted.

There is a margin of error of 4.2%. They are saying 6% undecided and Chase Oliver is the libertarian candidate and is polling at 4%. No one is getting the magic number 50%. BKP predicts it will be a runoff.

There is an ad that Warnock has out that targets Republicans and Independents. He has people claiming to be republicans and are professional looking. They don’t say anything ugly about Herschel Walker but they say they are republicans and that they need someone battle tested and ready for the Senate. That ad is working around metro Atlanta. It is peeling off the white suburban women. What Herschel has to have is an enormous 9th, 10th and 14th district voter turnout, north of Atlanta. The 9th and 14th are energized and are ready to go vote. They are convinced that if they don’t overwhelm the system that the battles they want to win will not happen.

When Herschel Walker said on the debate stage the brilliance when he said “Donald Trump is my friend”. He didn’t stutter, he didn’t look at the ground. The Trump supporters went through the roof when he said that. It was like their team scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter with 30 seconds left in the game.