MI governor’s race says Whitmer 49 and Dixon 44. Whitmer is holding the +5. MI could be a surprising state in November.

Katie Hobbs will not debate Kari Lake because the unsecure border causes the drug problem. Kari Lake showing receipts of democrats objecting to past elections. They are trying to oust this woman. Saying she is Donald Trump in heels. Prepare yourself for this election. The democrats are in such disarray and upset they will have attorneys and will try to count ballots that come in after the election, from GA to CA. they will be in court challenging everything they can. There will be races where you will not know the results for days after the election. We are going to have democrats all over the nation saying that there was voter suppression and voter fraud. If you think they are going to relinquish power in the house and senate you are badly mistaken.

Kari Lake blasts covid vaccine for kids: Our children are not guinea pigs. Not only is it ineffective but it is dangerous for our kids.

UK Inflation rate sours to 10.1% in September. Reporting that it is a global problem. Everytime you hear that inflation is a global problem, keep in mind it was a created problem. Keep in mind they knew what they were causing. It is a part of the Great Reset. The world wide collapse. Wars , rumors of wars, the possible monetary collapse worldwide, inflation. They knew all along what they were doing.

NH, this is a wild card. General Don Bolduc said inflation is what matters to people. Keep an eye on this race. We must stop the spending.

They want you to believe there was a fiery emotional debate last night in FL. Val Demings was angry.

Republicans are way under-polled in the polling. Kari lake wins by 2-3 points in AZ. Masters will win.

PA senate Oz and Fetterman a statistical tie. Republicans are way under polled in PA. Oz will win. Mastriano race is an interesting race. Mastriano is the wild card in PA.