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Thoughts on Truss and her 45 days as Prime Minister of UK. What Liz Truss wanted to do was rolled out wrong according to Bruce. And now everything is in turmoil and the conservatives are done. Truss made a big deal on developing oil and gas exploration and that is what sent them into a frenzy. There won’t be anyone in the office to stay with fossil fuel exploration. Since Brexit there hasn’t been a prime minister or an attempt to allow the economy to flourish. The rollout was to spur the private sector growth. Worldwide the only way we have gotten economies to work is with government infusion. Her replacement will be a globalist.

When republicans win will they govern the way we want them too. Will Kevin McCarthy be Speaker of the House? He is anointed one right now. There is the speaker of the house and then there are the people that the speaker appoints to chair committees. It would be more beneficial for Jim Jordan to chair a committee. Grasley is determined but he may not be up for the chair but he wants to follow through to see the FBI investigated. The recent Durham case was to expose the corruption of the FBI. It is rumored that Durham will write a narrative and will the narrative have enough to turn over to a committee. It will take a little bit before any reaction from investigations because the AG and DOJ is just as corrupt as the FBI.

On November 9 there will be races. We don’t know the results. The democrats will have attorneys on stand by and you will find out really quickly how many democrat election deniers really exist. They will run the courts. They will do everything they possibly can where they will stretch it out.

Herschel Walker did an amazing job in the debate.

Democrats hung their hat on abortion, trump, jan 6, and saving the democracy.

Rural GA can’t wait to go vote for Herschel.

In AZ, they know there is an invasion on the southern border. They understand crime, fentanyl coming across the border. Blake and Lake will win in AZ.

In NM, there may be a republican governor.

In NY, Hochul may be in trouble.

Kemp may win out right because of Stacey Abrams comment this week on abortion and inflation. The voting numbers and the midterm records going on has caused the All Star Game to come back into the news. Obama is coming to campaign with Abrams. BKP predictions.

Schools need to be schools. There are a lot of issues out there and abortion has never passed single digits in polling.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is dead in the water.

CDC has put the COVID vaccine on the suggested vaccine list. Young mothers don’t know, and the CDC said that they are adding the vaccine to the recommended list. A lot of the low income families take their kids to the health department to get the shots and unbeknownst to the mother the child gets the shot.

Russia put 165K troops on the border of Ukraine. Putin says the troops will get pulled back if you give the Donbas region back to mother Russia. The US puts down all these sanctions. And Russia can’t pay the debt. Then Biden begs Saudi and Saudis to cut production by 2 million barrels and buys from Russia. China buys from Russia and sells to Europe. In the USA we are depleting the Strategic Petroleum reserves and selling to Europe. Biden is going to sell at 90 and buy back at 70.

Discussion of a dual war front with Asia and Russia.