BKP talks baseball

Democrats feared Red October had arrived. Joe Scarborough has spun this saying that on election night the republicans won’t do as well as they think they will. First there is inflation. It hasn’t gone away as the Biden administration had hoped. No one was smart enough to see this coming. Then there is crime that has rapidly moved up the ladder to issues for voters. Democrats have bet heavily that widespread anger over the supreme court’s reversal of Roe would drive voters away from the republican party, not here. Democrats want to create our reality and manipulate the voters to think this is the issue that is more relevant. It has not dirven people away from teh republican party because there are people that are smart enough ot realize that Roe v Wade didn’t make abortion illegal just pushed it back to the states. Democrats pushed themselves into republicans arms. Americans fell into the republican arms because we have discussed the abortion issue. Democrats want abortion up until the day of deliver. America’s aren’t barbaric and will not accept the killing of babies up until the date of birth. Logical thinking says we have to have a parameter here.

Liz Truss resigned as PM of the UK a month after the fact. The Great Reset, it was the pandemic that was entered to do. Covid is not the reason where you are today.

The NYT saids the democrats should have focused on the bills the biden administration has signed. And boosted about the success of those bills. The Herschel Walker attack on him concering an ex girlfriend and how he paid for an abortion and his sons attacks was suppose to be a national uproar on abortion.

The Red October is here. Even NYT is saying abortion did not hit the mark.

Abrams appears to suggest abortions are the way to fight inlfation. GA democrats say having children is why you’re worried about rising prices and you can’t separate unwanted pregnancies from economic issues. Stacey Abrams say that unrestricted abortion on demand can help solve inflation “having children is why your worried about your price for gas. It’s why you’re concerned about how much food costs. Remember Stacey Abrams was on the short list to be Joe Biden’s Vice President.

Dr Oz will win PA by large numbers. Bucks county PA, outside Philly, voter forum a reporter asked if they will vote based on abortion. Only 1 of 10 said yes. They were more concerned about crime, gas, groceries, inflation, and a host of issues. Crime in America the democrats wanted to defund police, no cash bail, the people they have released from prison, the illegals coming across the border, the drug addictions, woke DAs that will not prosecute, more people are interested in people smoking marijuana and getting them free rather than the citizens in these communities around metro areas.