Liz Truss resigned at 45 days the shortest lived UK PM ever. This is part of the great reset. Liz did not go in a PM 100% ready to embrace the Great REset. Now you wonder why it is so dangerous out there for taking back. Watch what happens in Europe for a clue what will happen when we take back our country and move away from the Great REset.

Biden is going to PA today to campaign for Fetterman. This is not a public event. It will be a closed door event. This is desperation. If Fetterman gets on the stage with Biden this is an admission we are done and begging you to come out. Sanders also campaigns with Fetterman days before the election.

There is a group that is calling to block Biden’s student loan relief calling it unconstitutional. The Brown County Taxpayers Association and Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty asked the nine justices to put a temporary hold on the relief plan for it starts on Sunday. You can’t erase the debt responsibility, you can only shift it. For the most part, there are so many issues that are moving voters to republicans. There are so many that democrats can’t comprehend. 70% of Americans want to fix crazy.

The G20 is coming up. They are doing everything they can to prevent Biden from running into Putin.

These are issues that aren’t coming out in the media. We will work here to help elect republicans and bring out the truth. Hopefully it will bring voters out to elect republicans. Immediately after the election, VORA will be on your ass to get it done.

WHO says Covid 19 is still a global health emergency. They made it an emergency. They made it lets collapse the world economy. Trump was pushed into it. You have a problem today because democrats closed the economy because of the recommendations of the CDC and Fauci. A variant could fuel a winter surge and may not be responsive to the shot. Covid vaccines for children. Here is what happened yesterday. CDC votes to add covid vaccine to vaccines for kids program. We have a list. If you have a child and you are low income. They have now made the covid vaccine/shot requirement for the low income children. Kari Lake said that she will not allow the children of AZ to be guinea pigs for the covid shot. We have to push our governors, state representatives and senators.

Where is ABC News Reporter James Gordon Meek? He was working on a book on Biden’s disastrous pull out of Afghanistan. He vanishes after being raided by the FBI. He had classified material on his computer. He hasn’t been seen since April.

Democrats fret over Black and Latino Vote. you have taken them for granted too many times.

LAX passenger is caught trying to smuggle 12K fentanyl pills through the airport in Whoppers, SweetTARTS and Skittles wrappers. DEA warns parents to be on the lookout this Halloween season. It’s coming across the border. There is an invasion and this drug problem is enormous. Even in San Fran they are concerned about the drugs. SF are arming themselves with baseball bats and stun guns during their walks to work while passing notorious drug sobriety centers amid fears addicts will attack them.

People have had it in America. The media has tried to direct the narrative. We are supposed to think that kids want to mutilate themselves and castrate themselves. And those kids want to be a wolf. This is what the media wants you to believe. Our schools are there for the kids to learn, and they do learn social skills. Schools are not counciling centers or doctor offices. Mom and Dad need to make the decision for the kids. In Grade schools, middle schools and high school, narcan is stocked inside the schools in the offices and vending machines to combat an overdose. Dr Oz on Hannity says that democrat policies are “Farming Homelessnes”. We know what they have done to the inner cities. It is the republicans that Americas see as the compassionate people that want to help, not the communist Democrats.