Welcome to Red October. Republicans would have a better chance if they would stand up, talk about what you believe in, who you are and what you plan to do.

We discussed early on that you can’t print this kind of money and not have a disaster. After the leak of Roe, we said relax and it will not be an issue in november. We know when they are trying to set a direction and how they will try to get lockstep and get you to believe. We explained what happened in KS constitutional vote and not to believe the reports. The bellwether NY election was going to set the record for NOvember.

BTW, John Fetterman the candidate for Senate in PA gets a note from his doctor. You skip school and pray for the doctor to give you a note. John Fetterman is in major trouble. Abortion is not catching on. Biden went out. The democrats are not too proud to beg. The media is trying to get you to believe that inflation is a global issue and not in the control of the Biden administration.

The democrat party is hoping in the next couple of weeks that they can sell you that inflation is global and not the party and they are hoping that they can sell you that the democrat party is the party that can get you through it. The narrative on tv is showing how much they have dropped the price of gas. But you remember when gas was 1.85 even kids remember it was 1.85. Just because they are running commercials of 4 kids doing a sing along and this generation is ready to embrace the EV. There aren’t any EV commercials embracing the old people. So many of them are falling for Putin’s war and the pandemic. Some are saying that it is best for the environment and it’s ok to pay a little more. Biden is tapping into the Strategic OIl Reserve hope it will come down a few cents and you will forgive them at the pump. The democrat message is I hope when you go to vote you realize it is not our fault.

The NYT headline: Democrats Feared Red October Has Arrived. We don’t want to get a false sense of security because you could have a surprise. Brian Kemp is the luckiest candidate alive. Ever since Kemp had a tiff with Donald Trump with Laffler and the 2020 election. This guy fell ass backwards into a pile of shit coming out smelling like a rose. The luckiest politician in America. Twice MSNBC has facilitated taking down a democrat candidate. First with Fetterman and then with Stacey Abrams. Stacey Abrams says Having children is why you’re worried about your price for gas. This right here is an example of stupid comments a candidate can make. She is done unless something happens that totally blows up the campaign. We are looking from sea to shining sea, a red wave. There is a possibility that Kathy Hockle in NY is in trouble. There is a possibility that Tudor Dixon can be governor. There is a possibility that OR will have a republican gov first in 40 years. There are races that republicans don’t stand a chance and they are gaining ground. The republicans have too many Kari Lakes. The candidates that are being honest with the voters. Telling them who they are and what they will do and being transparent.

John Fetterman is having such a problem. The media is corroborating with each other to try to bring Fetterman up. He has a letter from his doctor saying he is ok. The founding fathers never intended to allow the press to be in cahoots in committing a crime and manipulate elections. This is Saving Fetterman, the movie. We have to talk about his health. John Fetterman will not release his medical records. The media says he released a medical report, Bull S-H-I-*, it is not his medical records, it is a letter from the doctor. They are desperate in PA, Operation Run Cover for Fetterman’s Health. The media reports about the letter from the doctor but leaves out the fact that the doctor is a campaign donor. We can’t be fooled, we will catch you on everything. Remember that Fetterman has to have someone that has to translate everything into text. He will not be doing the job, it will be the person that runs the text. Who says that the person doing the text won’t be giving him the answers. If you are healthy to do the job then why do you need the teleprompter? Desperation Red October.