Election deniers! In AZ we are going to get Mark Finchem, Blake Masters and Kari Lake. They are doing everything they possibly can because if Kari Lake becomes governor and resigns to be Donald Trump running mate it will make Mark Finchem governor in AZ. So you have to be in fear that Mark Finchem would be governor, the fear is so bad that they are doing all they can to stop Kari’s election. Glenn Youngkin was in AZ. AZ is ground zero.

Not one story about the math scores or what is concerning mothers right now.

The democrats are going to lose by big numbers but what they are leading you to believe is that Liz Chaney is trying to splinter the republican party.

The election is not a referendum, it’s a choice. It’s Mega Maga Trickle down economy. They don’t want you to have your own money and make your own decisions. They want that control. Trickle down is just that you have your money, you purchase what you want, and you spend your money and it turns the economy. They are trying to finish off the economy and they want to run it with the tax structure and to run off the government engine. They have to put an end to it. That is what was about to happen in the UK but now they will have a Hindu PM.

Top AZ republican candidate embraces election denierism, new word. Katie Hobbs running away from a debate with Kari Lake. We also have the Fetterman Oz Showdown tomorrow.

GA we don’t have Jim Crowe 2.0. People are actually going out to vote. BKP doesn’t believe in early voting. They have to have voter intimidation. They don’t want you to watch the drop boxes. Election armed vigilantes near ballot drop boxes in AZ. It is not against the law. Law abiding citizens can sit on their tailgate with a gun on their hip and watch the drop boxes. They want to do anything they can. They want political violence.

Think about who’s in charge. Joe is releasing more oil from our strategic oil reserves than any president in history combined. It is only for emergencies, for example when we had a hurricane that took out a pipeline that needed to be repaired that is why we have a reserve. Not to try to save your ass during an election. Biden has begged the Saudis to keep information from the American people. The big concern is that all hell will break loose after the election and it’s not for the good.

For every time they try to get Trump, think of what Trump did. They called what Trump did in TX as radicalizing. Trump wanted to fill the reserves to the top to save Americans millions of dollars at 24 a barrel and continue our energy independence. Biden wants to sell at 90 and buy back at 70.

Whitmer and Dixon are tied in MI. Kemp is up 10 over Abrams. Walker and Warnock is a tie. Vance is up 49-46 to Ryan. The direction of the country, 71% say its heading in the wrong direction. This poll stays consistent.