Republican enthusiasm is enormous. 78% of Republicans are interested in the election nationwide. Stacey Abrams continues to be 10 points down. Oprah will be campaigning with Stacey in GA.

Democrats have totally missed the mark. There is a side that are thinking that democrats could be this dum. Could they have missed the election that bad with the pain at the pump and the deflating economy? No democrats know how to take huge bites out of the apple knowing it will cost them and they know how to recover. When you look at the record votes and the largest seat switch of Obama, and how republicans were going to stop all the madness when they got the big win in 2010 and we still have obama care and democrats are back in control and taking a big bite out of the American apple. So when republicans take back control, will they do what needs to be done.

BKP talks baseball

The focus group this weekend. We know that Joe Biden can go any day. He said in an interview that he could die anyday. Nancy changed it up. She said it’s not inflation, it’s the cost of living. So the democrats, according to Nancy Pelosi, are trying to bring down the cost of living.

When will the deep state corporate corrupt media, Stacey Abrams, Raphael Warnock apologize for calling SB202 is not voter suppression. The All Star game moved to Colorado because the voter suppression was going to be so bad. GA in person early voting 758K. It didn’t turn out to be quite the problem they thought.

The level of corruption in this country. The biden’s hunter jim. You can’t begin to explain the level of corruption in this country, but they got their man and they apprehended him. Steve bannon gets 4 months in prison and 6500 in fines.

Abortion never got out of single digits. Total enthusiasm is behind republicans on the ballot. People are not concerned about Abortion. Women, mothers, it’s okay to be a mom. It’s ok to be concerned about your kids’ education, not your kids’ transition at school. It’s ok to be concerned about your kid’s health. It’s ok to be concerned that your kids are immunocompromised. The democrats thought that women would be concerned about their reproductive rights.

Democrats are going to be embarrassed in places like MI and NY.

Record Drop in math scores. Test shows 4th and 8th graders suffered during pandemic. Largest decline in math ever. In all 50 states. Miguel Cardona calls it unacceptable.

On CBS, the focus group had a democrat, republican and independent this weekend. The republican was going for it and surprisingly the other two agreed. If you’re wondering about republican enthusiasm about the border, our kids and schools, inflation and crime. When the republican from Texas the democrat from Illinois mother of 8 agreed. She agreed with the republican about our schools and the sex ed, saying that they are being taught something the kids aren’ event thinking about on their own. The women didn’t talk about abortion and loosing womans reproductive care. The independent talking about how COVID changed the schools giving the kids school choice days. None are very optimistic about the country. Are you telling me that if the corrupt media gets out of the way? We may not be as polarized and divided as they want to lead you to believe, They are working hard.

The White House requested the El Paso mayor to not declare the state of emergency. The White House is backtracking saying they didn’t do it. A blatant news drop of historic border crossing numbers late Friday night of 2.4 million crossers, not mentioned again on the networks except FOX. Democrat Texas congressman Henry Cuellar admitted that the border is not secure. US Sets new record for migrant border crossings.

Joe Biden falls asleep during an interview. We are in enormous danger with that guy having the nuclear codes.