Moving full speed ahead with student loan relief prep says Miguel Cardona, secretary of Education in the US. They should be spending more time with testing scores rather than student loan relief.

The Sunday graphics. Liz Chaney has a mission either to put Donald Trump in jail or completely demolish the republican party. There is a group out there that is working to splinter the republican party.

Bannon ordered to testify and Trump ordered to testify.

Polarized and Energized. Americans are not out there worried about the status of democracy. They women on the focus group didn’t talk about the state of democracy or election deniers or abortion rights. All they have between now and the election is to stop the republicans from voting. Yes its the cost of living and it’s global inflation but you can’t vote republican. The new UK prime minister is a hindu and is tied to china. The generic poll doesn’t drill down shows democrats over republicans in control of congress. When they drill down in the poll, all time mid term highs show 71% say wrong direction, only 20% right directions.

The wind has shifted. The donkeys crapped their pants.

The enthusiasm among black voters is lower than the white demographic they didn’t put in the latino vote. If they don’t get the interest of the black voter for Stacey Abrams she won’t make it. That is why Obama is coming to GA.

Biden falls asleep answering the question. It’s getting a lot of attention but not the attention the White House wants. He fell asleep talking about what Jill said about him running in 2024. Wonder if Joe would be dead for 72 hours before we knew about it.