Sunak is the new Prime Minister in the UK and he is Hindu and is tied to the Chinese. First PM of color. The King will order him to construct a new government.

WH defends Biden’s quiet campaign strategy ahead of the midterms. They have taught him to say Mega Maga Trickle Down and they have put him in front of the cameras just so he can get some press.

Stacey Abrams says that voter suppression is still underway.Once she loses she will leave the state of GA for CA and she will claim that is because of the voter suppression. On Morning Joe they like to pretend for a minute in telling the truth but they are trying to set you up for something, he is talking about the early voting records being set not looking like voter suppression. We are waiting for the apologies from all the dems and media and MLB for calling SB202, Jim Crowe 2.0

Fetterman and Oz meet for a highly anticipated PA Senate debate. All Oz has to do is let the voters see that Fetterman is not fit for office. Oz is on the take down side and they plan to take him down and will do anything necessary to do it. If Dr. Oz needs to tell the people of PA that he wishes Fetterman and safe and healthy speedy recovery. Wish him well and hope that his health is ok and that he will not average another stroke. And remind people that it is a six year term. Why is it ok for the media to attack Ron DeSantis and Kari Lake if they will serve an entire term for the people. Will Fetterman be able to serve six years healthy enough to make decisions on his own.

Mastriano has made them real nervous in PA. Republicans are going to sweep across the country. So on election night we will have a pretty good idea of the winners. On Election night of 2020 we had a pretty good idea who won that night, it wasn’t until the lights went off and came back on did the results come out.

Fetterman was the lone vote to put murderers back on the street. As LT Gov of PA, he had the overriding vote to let prisoners out. IF John Fetterman wins the vote in PA, we will not accept the outcome. Dr OZ has done an amazing job using Philly and a crime example, drug example and the city of Philly corruption better than any candidate. He knows that as soon as you get outside of Philly in the ring counties, the suburbs. Which is going to call on Philadelphia to cheat. The Philly that he has done so well reporting on has one more job of corruption to do in November.

On election day, the number is how many votes they have to overcome. Go Vote! We have to crash the polling places on election day. We have to vote in the largest numbers than ever before so they can’t overcome what we do. Your vote does count.