Remember the focus group from Face the Nation that was played on yesterday’s show. They were looking for a distinct view from each of the voters, the republicans, the democrat, and the independent. Remember at the end of the focus group it was pointed out that all three agreed. We are not as divided as they want you to believe. The focus group was going around social media. This is why Ron DeSantis is so popular because he is fighting for the issues that the American people are struggling with.

Disney started the war with the moms of America. The stuff that is being brought to our kids attention shouldn’t be brought to their attention by any other than the parents. This is why Ron DeSantis is so popular with Republicans, Democrats and Independents.

Charlie Crist is the reason why BKP wants to do a series on Being Republican because Crist was a republican turned democrat.

Everyday people aren’t answering polls. They wanted to get a group together of Trump supporters in PA because they wanted to take down Mastriano. Mastriano was at the Jan 6 protest.

We have to buckle down for the next 2 weeks. We need to stay bold and stay focused.