Last night there was a debate between Charlie Crist and Ron DeSantis.

Herschel Walker is doing a great job campaigning. He is comfortable. He said so many things in the rallies yesterday that I am surprised they aren’t clipped and blasted on the fake media.

They are setting up for the steal, what they want to get you to believe and preparing for it.

Joe Biden gets losts in his own garden.

Saudi Crown Prince mocks Biden making fun of his gaffes and questions his mental acuity.

Joe Biden falls asleep on the job during an interview.

Fetterman Oz met for a highly anticipated debate. Fetterman memo: We’ll admit this is not John’s format. They are trying to do everything they can to set it up no matter what Dr. Oz says he is making fun of Fetterman. Tonight Fetterman will have a teleprompter in front of him and they will type in all of the questions for John and supposedly they will type in Oz’s comments and answers. BKP believes that Fetterman’s answers will be typed as well. So if he goes to the senate, will we have to have someone type everything for him.

Here is what they want you to believe, understand the source is CNN. There was a day when a network would not highlight anything from another network. In polling they have the democrat Shapiro over Mastriano by 15pts. And They want you to believe that Fetterman has gotten up and over everything he has been up against and he has a 6 point lead over Oz. They want you to believe that Mandela Barnes has closed the gap against Ron Johnson in WI. They want you to believe today that Tony Evers is over Michels Gov race in WI. In the OH senate race that Tim Ryan has tied JD Vance and that all the other polling is not correct. They want you to believe that Whitmer has hit the 50 mark and Tudor Dixon doesn’t stand a chance. The networks will not use the Trafalgar Group. Trafalgar groups is the only polling group that has come out and said that Republicans are under-polled.

Polling will start to be accurate again as they switch sources and algorithms.

They left AZ out this morning. Maybe the networks left out Kari Lake because she bites you in the ass and it makes Katie Hobbs look worse than the current SOS in AZ and it helps Blake Masters look good.

The NM Governor race, the Trefalgar group has Grisham (D) and Ronchetti. The republican is leading in the poll. NM has turned deep blue over the past decade. They won’t talk about NM. They are a border state that has been invaded. Democrats are about to take a shellacking. Don’t forget what they want to lead you to believe.

The democrats are trying to set up the steal and set up the flow in which it will take place.