BKP went to Dalton and Pickens rallies for Herschel Walker yesterday.

The expectations are so low for Fetterman that just showing up they will declare him the winner. John Fetterman and Dr. Oz debate tonight. The media has built it up so much that if he just gets on the stage he will be declared the winner.

They are begging all the democrats to stay “home” with the democrat party and vote democrat. They want republicans to think they don’t stand a chance and want them to stay home and not vote. We are 2 weeks away, buckle in. People don’t like to talk about stealing an election. But the race is so tight they are preparing the steal. Some of the races are so tight that BKP believes they are preparing the steal.

IN Pa they will have to steal it and they want it for multiple reasons. One, so they can get the republican senate seat. Two, so they can get the governor seat and replace Tom Wolfe for the 2024 election preparation. In GA they want Stacey Abrams to win the governor race for the 2024 election preparation and Warnock to keep his seat. In AZ they want Kelly to beat Masters and Katie Hobbs as governor to enable them to steal the 2024 presidential election. Same in WI, and MI, and so on. You see the plan. It is a plan. The House, not that they don’t care but if they can keep the Senate they can keep the decision making power. They can inject Joe on a daily basis. It is unknown how long Joe will stay, he got tangled in the trees yesterday. After the campaign is over, right now Joe is going to the little pressers so the media can get their pictures to manipulate and voter intimidation to fix an election. We do not have election interference by a foreign country anywhere like the Corporate Corrupt media. The election interference by the media in this country is criminal, not first amendment rights. After the election they will put Joe Biden back in the basement and bring him out during his most lucid moments. The board that they have assembled (the Deep State) will appoint the judges not just the supreme court and they need to control the senate to continue to pack the courts. One thing after another. Then all the governors can get in place is for the 2024 steal.

They don’t need Stacey Abrams in GA to help them steal an election. In GA all you need is a handful of republicans.

Herschel can shoot