These are not migrants. The dump truck is not the statue of liberty or Ellis island. These are illegals in a dump truck and no telling how many have fentanyl strapped to their legs to kill your kids. 60+ migrants found hidden in bed of dump truck in Texas.

Google profits drop as YOUtube ad sales slow. We small businesses feel and we can reachout it is tangible to us well before any news network tells us it’s happening.

Even Charlie Dent has doubts about John Fetterman and the CNN panel. Dr’s watched all over the country voters have not been giving proof that Fetterman has a clean bill of health. Doctors are watching Biden.

Biden is giving interviews to transgender saying it is immoral to not let little children making their own decision on what they are. It is crazy as hell. The American people know it.

GA polling on the trafalgar group. Stacey Abrams is pulling TV ads. Walker up by 2. Before the debate a very liberal poll only had Fetterman up by 2. In NH the republican is up by 3 the margin of error.

MSNBC was trying to help Fetterman this morning.

Oz hit the mark. He asked you, “Are you unhappy with where America is heading” right on the poll, 70% of Americans say the country is on the wrong track, the only poll that has been consistent.

History of Woodrow Wilson and his health.