Let’s remember that every extreme situation and every extreme thing about him is pre-stroke.

Look directly at the face of evil, Gretchen Whitmer. What a direct lie when she said that the kids were out for 3 months. Tudor Dixon did a nice job, but Gretchen Whitmer let the evil fly. Tudor Dixon needed to be a little stronger and gone after Gretchen a little more and combined Whitmer and Biden a little more. Maybe Tudor got to Michiganers with the discussion on roads and the issues in Michigan.

The debate between Fetterman and Oz was a national debate, watched nationally. This was a W for all republicans.

Fetterman will not release his medical records. He released a letter from a doctor that is a donor to the campaign. The letter said that Fetterman was fit to serve, but clearly last night showed he is not ready to serve. There will not be a closed caption everywhere he goes. We already have a President of the United States that has a board/ staff that makes all the decisions. Do the citizens of PA want a Senator to have a staff that makes the decisions.

Democrats demonizing success. Democrats no longer want you to have success in this country. Your success will be based on your allegiance to the government. Your success and what you have to come from the government. Dr. Oz did everything he could to say that the minimum wage needs to be higher and it would happen under a true free market economic principle that would drive the wages up. Fetterman kept yelling that Oz has 10 houses. According to democrats you should not be able to achieve the american dream outside what they have in the box of what your american dreams should be.

Fetterman was asked several times on fracking. Fetterman wants to totally destroy the thousands of jobs that are connected to fracking. The extreme John Fetterman is pre-stroke and he does not support fracking and never has.

Fetterman has lied so badly that they have had to remove ads from the airwaves.