No matter where you are watching from, all republicans won that debate. It is a very exciting time for republicans. YOu heard an attack on success and that is where the democrat party is in America.

What’s the feel of the Oz campaign? How concerned people are about Fetterman’s performance. The campaign is energized. Fetterman’s performance is almost overshadowing how well Dr. Oz did. Fetterman is pro crime, pro drugs, the polls were on the uptick. Even if Fetterman hadn’t had the stroke he would be in trouble.

The doctor’s letter says that Fetterman will make a full recovery. It doesn’t change the extreme and radical he is. On the issues Fetterman would have lost the debate. All they need to do is get him over the finish line. The plan is to get Fetterman’s wife in the office. The Fetterman campaign is already blaming the performance on the news network. Saying there were technical problems during the debate. The Network has already released a statement saying that it is not true and reiterating that Fetterman was able to do a practice rehearsal prior to the debate to become familiar with all of the equipment that will be used during the debate. They claimed the reporter set them up and the network for the debate. They aren’t willing to admit the mess that the campaign is in. The network offered to have a rehearsal twice and was accepted to do it only once. Fetterman’s wife called for the reporter (Dasha Burns) to be fired. The plan is to get the wife in the office. They thought at first Fetterman would do the debate. But Oz kept on the message about Fetterman not coming out. But once he came out it all was brought to light. The debate was a mess.

Republicans didn’t force him to stay in the race, to do the debate. The democrat party and the family did this to themselves. They had until August to take him off the ballot. For some reason the machine picked Fetterman. Conor Lamb isn’t left enough for the progressive democrat party.

People can’t afford to go to the grocery store and Fetterman wants the taxpayers to pay for safe injection sites.

Oz’s closing statement was the best of all the statements of this election season. It was very Reagan-ese. Oz has done the work and has met with the people of PA.
The democrats are into the puppet system. They think the offices should be run by staff. Example our President.

Fetterman’s team knew that if the hard core early voters it would have been an issue. Most democrats have voted by mail. There are still enough votes out there for Oz to win. The campaign is doing everything right. It is a dog fight in PA. The democrats are doing as much grassroots work as the republicans. This is the first time they have worked as hard as the republicans. Dr Oz has a chance to win if it doesn’t go beyond election night.

The networks have been laying the groundwork for the election steal ground work. It is very concerning with the mail in ballots. And they know what they need on election night and the rules chance. There are 67 different elections within the state of PA. Every county is different. The Department of State only gives recommendations. The US Supreme Court has told PA not to count the undated ballots but the counties are counting them. They open the mail in ballots at 7am and they count on their own time, not time requirements to have the ballots counted. The county officials know the results and know exactly what they need to overcome the vote.

Statewide how prepared is the republican party for this election. The Oz team is ready. But the republican party may not be as ready as they were in 2020. Oz just went through this in the primary. He knows he needs a team on the ground ready on election day.

Mastriano campaign has a lot of ground to cover before election day to win the election.