There were several debates last night. Tudor Dixon and Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan. Kathy Hochul and Lee Zeldin for Governor in NY.

The only crime fighting plan for Kathy Hochul and Eric Adams is to call on Batman to do something on crime. People don’t take the train anymore.

Prediction on Governors: Red – AZ, NM, NV, OR, TX, WI, KS, OK, GA, FL, AL, KS, OH, PA, ID, WY, SD, NE, IA, NY, VT, NH, SC, TN, AK, (33 Republicans) Blue – CA, CO, IL, MN, MI, ME, OR, CA, NY, CT, RI, IL, MD, RI, CT, NJ (17 Democrats)

Biden directs additional 18 million to house and senate dems. This is a politicians nightmare. The cook political report handicap races. Mahoney in the NY house race is a toss up. DCCC chair Mahoney spends 600 K on his own race. AS chair you are not supposed to spend any money on your race because it is supposed to be a safe win. House democrats facing trouble in blue states.

We might see some replays in a whole different way. Democrats will do what they have too.

Senate picks – Red Seats ID, NV, UT, AZ, ND, SD, KS, OK IA, MO, AR, LA, WI, IN, OH, KY, AL, GA, FL, SC, NC, PA, NH, AK (54 Republicans) Blue Seats WA, OK, CA, CO, IL, NY, VT, CT, MD, (46 Democrats)

After the debate last night would you be able to tell what Fetterman’s position is on the minimum wage. NO. Oz wants the free market to put the demand for wages where it should be. If we would allow the capitalist system as it could and should we would not be talking minimum wage. The free market would put the wage where it needs to be. You can’t just set your value, or you can make yourself more valuable. In a free market system thrives on making yourself more valuable. Don’t get excited for the $15 minimum wage, that is the government setting your value.

Fetterman did a good job last night exposing democrats of how they can not stand private success. They want to take your kids and not teach their kids of being who they want to be but teaching them which gender they want to be.

Democrats don’t want to codify Roe v Wade due to the viability clause. They want to do so many extreme things like Prop 3 in Michigan. Dr. Oz answered back with the Supreme Court got it right and it belongs to the states. The media knows what Dr. Oz meant and they spun it to mean the local politicians to be the county commissioners and saying that Oz refused to answer the yes or no question. They are hoping you will overlook everything and only focus on the abortion. Fetterman is not for Roe v Wade, he is for a radical dismemberment of the child. The American people want some kind of limits. They are not ok with anything up to birth. If America put in place John Fettermans abortion plan we would be more barbaric than China and North Korea. If Dr. Oz position on abortion really got out there on what he said it is troubling for democrats.