Herschel was in Dillard GA yesterday with Lindsey Graham.

MTG was at the Tunnel Hill Depot last night with standing room only doing a Let’s Talk forum.

We have the Herschel Walker non-story. The media is trying to manipulate the election. Matt Walsh releases a statement on Twitter that sums up the Democrat party. No one has captured the entire Democrat platform in a single statement better than Matt Walsh.

We will get into what used to be disqualifiers. And we will discuss the dangers that await us vs what the democrats are making their campaign pitch to run this country. Matt Walsh posts “The Democrats have settled on their closing argument: ‘Vote for us so that we can castrate children, use your money to pay for abortion, and put pornography in the schools, If you don’t vote for us then you are a Nazi and democracy will die.’” Remember when pedophilia was hidden and people didn’t come out in public with it. It was in the quiet chat room that we didn’t talk about. Now it is actually embraced. Tulsi Gabbard brought it out saying the democrat party has become the party of pedophilia. That is who wants to run the country.

Gloria Allred, Hillary Clinton’s friend, the democrat “Break Glass in Case of Emergency”. We all know this story. Yesterday they she came out with “Jane Doe” to accuse Herschel Walker with new abortion allegations. All the networks came out with the story this morning and followed up with “not independently verified the story” The media is complicit in manipulation and alteration of an election. It used to be that the editor would not let you run the story unless you had validated the information. The accuser is Jane Doe, no camera, only audio, saying she can’t give her name or show her face in “fear for her family.” The allegations are from 1993.

This is not a coincidence. They have lost PA, unless they steal the election. In PA they may be laying groundwork to steal an election. In GA they are doing everything they can through the media to manipulate the election to steal it in GA. IF we have a fair election in PA, Dr. Oz wins. Trump is going to Western PA to get the union workers. The democrats have lost PA the night of the debate. They want to paint John Fetterman as brave and patriotic. What would be brave and patriotic is for him to go home. So what do they do, they have to get it off the front pages? The night Fetterman blows the debate, they call up Gloria Allred for a victim. A victim that we don’t know her name and don’t know who she is. Nothing stopped MSNBC from running the story, the Washington Times running the story, CNN running the story. They even talked about it on Fox News.

Now if that doesn’t work, they do Watergate. Police investigate the headquarters of break-in at headquarters of AZ democrat candidate for Governor. AZ current SOS Katie Hobbs’ campaign headquarters was broken into and it is floating out that Kari Lake had something to do with it.

Tell us if Hunter Biden still owns 10% of a Chinese company.

Rising costs and abortion access top voter concern in key NH senate race. They are about to lose another one in NH.