You can’t keep up with the news, the Biden disaster that he calls America.

Beetlejuice needs a raise. Lori Lightfoot proposed a 5% raise.

The energy for Herschel Walker is amazing. The Senators are coming in for Herschel. Today will be Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham. In Dillard GA at the Piggly Wiggly gave Herschel the parking lot. At least 150 at 1pm in the afternoon. They made a comment to the media after the rally.

They attack MTG 7 days a week. She has been swatted 7 times. She has not been on any committees. As soon as she was sworn into office she was immediately taken off committees. She has positioned herself that as soon as republicans take back the House of Representatives the 14th district of GA is going to go from a freshman congresswoman to possibly having the most powerful member of congress. People love the congresswoman because she speaks Truth to Power.

The media continues to cover up for Fetterman. Democrats are in panic mode in PA. They really thought they could get John on the stage and stumble through and the compassion would raise him to the top. Fetterman’s campaign is trying to spin this as how brave he was and that Dr. Oz was a bully. On the night of the PA primary, Fetterman was in the hospital that night at the most severe point of the stroke and he was so incoherent that he didn’t know he had won. It wasn’t until days after the primary did they tell John that he had won. John Fetterman had a chance to say he needed to get out to put in a candidate that could do what needed to be done for the people of PA. But the democrat party isn’t for the People, they are for corruption, power and evil that take precedence overall.

Fox News had some undecided voters from PA discuss the debate and if they were persuaded one way or another.

We know the democrats love to make history. Fetterman’s stroke is making political history. Nothing about if you can do the job.

If all else fails, go straight for the blatant lie. The generic ballot showed the favor leaning democrat holding a 2 point lead.

Caller attacks BKP over flag hanging on wall.