Top issues among registered voters, economy 28% and inflation 22%. They are a nervous wreck. They might all go red. 58% republicans and 34% democrats think the country is out of control. 79% think it is out of control.

Abortion the graphic shows the red states are the ones that have ceased but it is not true because GA has a heartbeat law. Brian Kemp was asked last night if he would sign more restrictive legislation. Not pushing Stacey Abrams if she would put any parameters on abortion.

Lets remember when Roe v Wade was the law of the land, it had parameters viability of the baby. Abortion should not be used as a form of birth control. It was to allow states to enact their rules on abortion. We know the democrats don’t want to codify Roe. It’s laughable. It’s a wish list that they want. And what they want would go lightyears beyond Roe. They know it is economy and abortion is not going like they want.

The republican house split. Emmer from MI. Latest house estimate of what they think right now according to polling republicans should be up 228 to 207. There is a possibility that the house goes 238 to 197 if the GOP turnout edge grows, this would allow peel-off votes.