Talks local football

Next week will be the ugliest political week in history. The democrat desperation is in full swing. They bring out Gloria Allred to accuse Herschel Walker of paying for an abortion with an unknown person reading a script and all the networks cover it like it is news. 30 years ago an editor would have shot it down saying it is not a story. We are in a media cycle that is tabloid.

Who wants to hear about Hunter Biden was co-owner in a Chinese company and helped facilitate a sale of cobalt, the material needed to make electric batteries. But we have GM and Granholm and Buttigieg that we all need to drive electric vehicles. Where your money paid for the roads to the mines and gave it to China in Afghanistan. But that’s boring.

Hot mic on Schumer yesterday tried to explain to Biden that they are in trouble.

Biden said that the Republican economic plan will cause the same result as Liz Truss in the UK. We were waiting on that statement.

Liz Chaney endorsed a democrat, there is a shocker.

Hunter’s $11 million Chinese connections along with Jim Biden.

Man shouldn’t be in women’s locker room

Musk fired the twitter CEO and the person that shut down Hunter story and the person shut down Donald Trump.