GA governor Brian Kemp has not asked for the GA Trump supporter’s vote. Trump’s name was not mentioned in the debate. Yesterday on ABC there was a quick segment about this. Trump is making several stops this week one not being GA. Kemp is going to bring in this week Pence, Ducey, and Chris Christie. Why isTrump avoiding GA? Last night was the final debate between Brian Kemp and Stacey Abrams. Has Brian Kemp pulled off the impossible? Moved to Trump free territory in the age of Trump without ever alienating Trump voters. GA Gov Kemp has never mentioned Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis. Mike Pence has come to GA during the primary and now to campaign for Brian Kemp, so is Ducey of AZ, and Chris Christie. Brian Kemp is definitely in the republican party 2.0 camp, in the Pence/Christie camp. He is not where close to the Trump supporter camp. If he gets reelected he will totally turn on Trump supporters. If Trump runs, they hope to take Brian Kemp to battle and win GA for someone like Mike Pence. And the same with Ron DeSantis. There will be no video clips to run in the archives of Kemp saying anything about Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump. Why has Donald Trump avoided GA? Trump knows the truth, we know the truth that Trump is not responsible for the Warnock and Osoff senate seats. Purdue and Loeffler are responsible for their campaigns. We do not blame Donald Trump for the seats in the runoff and have taken the heat for losing those seats. If he is running for president of the United States he will not be in GA if Stacey Abrams would win. If he says anything about Kemp and Trump supporters stay home. It is possible that the Burt Jones and Herschel Walker campaigns have asked Trump not to come to GA.

Kemp campaign strategy for the Trump Voters is to remind them that Stacey Abrams is the alternative. No way under the sun can we have Stacey Abrams as the governor of GA.

Republicans you thought you could trust, have not always been on his bandwagon even when they try to wear the T saying they were for Donald Trump.