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What will be the closing act for the media this week. All the networks have shown all the closing arguments the last week of the campaign before the election. Republicans have Senators from all over coming in campaigning for the republican candidates but democrats can’t get anyone to campaign with them. Bide on the campaign trail saying that he has gone to all 54 states. We can’t foresee anything happening this week. But prepare yourself for something coming out this week. Have they saved the best for last? Obama is the democrat party closing argument, period. They can’t find anyone to campaign for the democrat party. Klobuchar relating the hammer to Pelosi’s head to Donald Trump Jan 6.

The Pelosi Attack: We can not trust the media. This is a mansion, not where you sneak up on the place. They have servants, or housekeepers. Alarms. We don’t know if the police were responding to the broken glass or the 911 call. It’s a crime scene around the Pelosi’s. It’s a Violent Assault, even Fox news ran the narrative. All the Sunday shows led off with Paul Pelosi attacked in his own home. The temperature has gotten so hot on the right. The media spin on the attack. Accused attacker David DePape spread conspiracy theories, Zip Ties found at scene. Jan 6 zip ties were found at the capital and they resemble the zip ties in the Pelosi home. Sources say that the suspect was searching for her. They actually played clips from Jan 6 and the protesters yelling “Nancy” in the halls of the capital saying it was “Hauntingly similar”. They actually found a guy that fits the narrative exactly. Against vaccines, election denier, and the list goes on.

Republicans are saying to just get through this week. Not one republican has the nerve to call it out on the networks. Paul got hit in the head with the hammer, we hate it for him but it has nothing to do with the election. All republicans had to say was don’t take the bait, don’t become a sound bite.

Media: The all but inevitable conclusion

Shocked and amazed that they have taken the attack on Pelosi as far as they have. Saying the attack could lead to an armed insurrection.

The media got everyone on yesterday. The same day as the attack, they knew in advance to put this out. Homeland Security Intel Bulletin. …”DVE motivated by election-related grievances would likely view election related infrastructure, personnel, and voters involved in the election process as attractive targets including at publicly accessible locations like polling places, ballot drop box location, voter registration sites, campaign events, and political party offices.”

October Surprise: Biden and Democrats spin Pelosi attack to smear Trump MAGA backers.

Dems risk losing NH as Don Bolduc surges in polls could be a significant upset.

OR voters say they’ve lost patience with democrats.

Chris Sununu, they have tried to get him to attack Don Bolduc in NH.

Biden is going to NM. NM is a blue state and they are risking the governor to flip red.

Hit Paul in the head in case of emergency. Dems losing across the country.