What will they try this week?

Joe Biden is with Fetterman in PA. They know that Fetterman cannot win and do the job. We have an inside scoop that Fetterman will resign and the wife will get the job. Joe Biden pulls in Fetterman’s wife for an embrace and sniff. The hot mic in NY Chuck Schumer telling Biden that the PA debate didn’t hurt too much. Even Schumer is having a tough debate in NY.

Obama was in MI, trying to energize the black vote. Who is paying attention to the last week of the election? Obama came to GA, trying to energize GA. They can’t get anyone to come into town.

Obama goes to WI because Evers is going to lose to Michels. Mandela is going to lose to Johnson for senate. Both Trump endorsed candidates. Fiery Obama blasts GOP senator in Milwaukee speech. They want you to believe that republicans want to get rid of social security.

If Pelosi getting hit in the head with a hammer doesn’t work, they have nothing left.

The Fed expected another major rate hike. 4 in a row. Our economy that they are discussing is based on the Federal Reserve altering our life. The federal reserve dangle the strings to alter our life. To get the people where they want hungry, jobless, homeless so it will show up on statistics to get the numbers where they want it to be.

The democrats say that things are so good. The Yougov poll says 69% of people say that the condition of the national economy is bad. One more reason why Nancy Pelosi’s husband getting hit in the head.

They are watching the congressional seat in FL. Dems reject gop claims of socialism in south FL house race. The Hispanics are moving to the GOP. Socialism sounds beautiful but once it is instituted it is miserable.