BKP reads viewers’ text messages.

Brian Kemp will win. He has not asked for the Trump supporter because the Trump supporters don’t want Stacey Abrams as governor. If Donald Trump doesn’t not run for 2024, Kemp is ready to endorse Mike Pence. It will be an all out war in GA for the republican nomination in the 2024 primary.

Elon Musk has the private sector. He is the sole director of Twitter. There isn’t any interruption in service with Musk making cuts in staff. There are millions of dollars in workforce that was never needed at Twitter. Maybe Twitter was so over bloated maybe because they were participating with the FBI and DHS to police disinformation. The media is telling us how to think and what to think. We need an investigation into the FBI and the cooperation into the media and the big tech companies into how they have manipulated the information. Is Elon Musk and Twitter the October Surprise? Can we learn anything that will affect the election anywhere, this week that will change the outcome of the election. Not that Elon Musk released something he just took the chains off the release of information. Remember the truth of Hunter Biden’s laptop: how it got shut down to manipulate an election. What if we hear the truth every single day. Is there going to be enough people being reinstated on Twitter.

You and I are wrong if we don’t completely accept their narrative.

What will come out this week? What documents will come out this week? Will they manipulate the election? With Elon as the sole director of twitter. Elon and Trump are talking money if Trump were to be reinstated. It might be that Elon purchase Truth Social.