In GA US House Dist 13, the democrat candidate David Scott has not been seen for a while. Reports are saying that he is in hospice.

The Myth was that fentanyl was going to be in your kids candy.

The myth that trans kids are using litter boxes in classrooms

The myth in Pelosi’s house was created the whole weekend, but they didn’t. If we lock step with the myth they created we are ok.

Just the fact that we warned Americans for Candy colored fentanyl could be in the kids candy. The fact that your schools have Narcan available. And the thousands of overdoses across the country. The fentanyl being strapped to the legs of the people coming across the border is all a myth.

They myth that we have kids going to school with ears on that they want to urinate in a litter box, it is all a myth.

Within the guard rails we must have the same set of facts.

They are desperate for saving the democracy and saving abortion. Biden and Obama will hold a rally on Saturday and they go after Rick Scott. Republicans have said they want to review Social Security and Medicaid every 5 years. And Democrats want to spin that in every 5 years the republicans want to end it. Rick Scott proposes to put Social Security up for government review. The seniors are struggling during the inflation on a fixed income. Someone is going to have to deal with the truth. Social Security is going bankrupt. Odds are the people applauding Obama at the rally talking about Social Security being eliminated may never see the money. They aren’t putting in the money. We are going broke with these entitlements.

They want to show you Trump’s tax returns but we have to wait 66 years for Seth Rich’s laptop.

Don’t let them call you a vigilante for watching the drop boxes. Keep the legal distance and don’t break any laws. Watch the boxes.