Suspect charged with Attempted murder. The DA says it was politically motivated.

Trump asked the SCOTUS to stop the IRS from turning over his tax returns. While the FBI wants 66 years to turn over Seth Rich’s laptop and Pfizer wants 75 years to turn over the data from the “vaccine”. They want to release Trump’s Tax Records.

Police say the attacker wanted to hold Nancy hostage. David DePape wanted to use Nancy to lure another individual. Is he a Canadian citizen? DePape considered Nancy as leader of the pack (of Lies). DePape was going to hold Nancy hostage if she lied she would break her kneecaps. You can’t write this Hollywood script. To show other members of congress the consequences. He is being charged with attempted kidnapping, assault with intent to retaliate against an federal official, attempted murder, assult with a deadly weapon, elder abuse, residential burglary, false imprisonment. Paul Pelosi is an 82 year old drunk. The media is describing him as a gentle grandfather. This guy just had a DUI and couldn’t go out of the country because of a court date and Nancy had to take her son to Taiwan.

The narrative they are trying to sell this morning. We once again have Political sentiment through Violence. You don’t have America without political discourse leading to violence. I am not advocating for violence. There was a time when political sentiment and political discourse led to our country and sadly there was violence that took place.

The San Francisco DA wants him held without bail. Why would you want him held without bail? You have candidates (Fetterman, Barnes, Demming, Abrams, etc) running across this country that want to completely do away with bail but you want to hold this guy with no bail.

Kari Lake didn’t say anything that we aren’t all wondering. How did this guy get through the security? Who called 911? If you have an alarm on a window and it gets opened or broken it will send alarms to the police. So what happened? And Why 2 hammers?

We don’t have details on so many cases. But we are getting what the DA, the Deep State Media wants us to have and the Pelosi’s say we can have.

If you do not lock step word for word the narrative they tell you that happened, it’s not free thinking it is a conspiracy theory. CNN says they will not repeat the conspiracy theory, now you wouldn’t repeat a story you haven’t been able to independently confirm. CNN saying they don’t have the proof so they won’t repeat. You mean when Gloria Allred reads a statement and shows pictures and motel receipts from MN and CNN will report it but there is not any proof.